Adult Sunday School Manual 2021



The coronavirus pandemic shook the whole world and brought the nations of the earth into a lockdown brought untold hardship to many individuals. Nevertheless, God is promising divine recovery, through His word, to the redeemed children of God; those who choose to walk in truth and live like Christ. Though the fear of evil will still be in the air, God is assuring all citizens of The Kingdom of His unfailing and unfading salvation, which Christ purchased on the Cross for mankind and which He has also sustained over the years by His resurrection power.

God began to restore Christian family values amongst His children within the period the pandemic lasted last
year but this year, God is emphasizing the need for us to build strong family ties. He also desires that we learn
His attributes and cultivate the mind of Christ. It is in having the mind of Christ that leads one to know God
experientially and to develop a closer walk with Him through the infilling of the Holy Spirit, who enables believers
to develop a personal relationship with God.